ADAPT Centre
Knowledge and Data Engineering Group
School of Computer Science and Statistics
Trinity College Dublin
O'Reilly Building (ORI.F35)
Dublin 2, Ireland

Main Research Interests

  • Intelligent Information Access
  • Text Representation and Information Retrieval
    • Temporal Dynamics
    • Personalised Information Retrieval
    • Semantic IR
    • Quantum IR
    • Cross-Language
    • Question Answering
  • Natural Language Processing
    • Word Sense Disambiguation
    • Distributional semantic models
    • Entity Linking
    • Diachronic Analysis

The universe is a labyrinth made of labyrinths. Each leads to another. And wherever we cannot go ourselves, we reach with mathematics.

Stanislaw Lem, Fiasco

I'm a EDGE COFUND Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action research fellow in the ADAPT centre at Trinity College Dublin in the domain of Temporal Aware Personalised Information Retrieval. My areas of interest are Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Bari Aldo Moro defending the thesis “Semantics and Information Retrieval: Models, Techniques and Applications”. Since my Ph.D. I have been working in the area of NLP and Information Retrieval by focusing on the text representation problem, which I tackled with both Word Sense Disambiguation and Distributional Semantics. To this respect, Entity Linking represents a further step toward the concept-based representation of textual content.

Before joining ADAPT, I worked as a research fellow at University of Bari Aldo Moro within the SWAP (Semantic Web Access and Personalization) research group, which focuses on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing with practical application to Information Access Systems (Information Retrieval and Recommenders). My research activity concerned Entity Linking for Intelligent Information Access: the aim of that research was to provide a semantic representation of unstructured text through named entities and their relationships mentioned in the text content. This kind of representation would enable the intelligent reasoning, discovery and retrieval of relevant pieces of information as well as the suggestion of serendipitous items.

I have participated in different evaluation campaigns in the areas of Information Retrieval (CLEF 2008-2009, Kaggle Allen AI Science Challenge), Lexical Semantics (SemEval 2012, *SEM 2013, SemEval 2015) and Entity Scoring and Linking (WSDM Cup 2017, NEEL 2015).